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Chrome Alloy Coil Springs - Closed

High-spring properties are ideally suited for orthodontic use. An .030” coil I.D., in two-foot length, packaged in a convenient plastic dispenser.


Tapered Tip, Cutting Capacity: Maximum: .022" x .028" 800-1024

Universal Distal End Cutter w/Hold

This diamond-honed, high-speed cutter is designed for patient comfort enhanced by a smooth tapered tip. When used intraorally the cutters safely hold the cut portion to be discarded. Maximum cutting capacity: .012” (.30mm) to .021” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). 800-1016

Pin & Ligature Cutter Ormco

Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires easily and efficiently. Maximum cutting capacity to .015”(.38 mm). 800-1001

Ni-Ti Springs - Closed Coil

Cuspid Retraction — Eyelets are hooked on a free-sliding crimp hook placed mesial to the cuspid or on a Hemi-Hook of the cuspid bracket. If desired, a crimpable stop can be placed on the archwire to control the amount of retraction. Distalizing Molars/Anterior Unraveling — Crimpable sliding hook used as tie-back is placed distal to the lateral incisor. Eyelets are hooked onto the crimp hook and first molar buccal tube hook to activate retraction.


The 15° angled offset tip with ultra slim profile is a plus in the most difficult to access areas. Designed to cut soft wire pins and ligature wires up to .012” (.30 mm). 800-1000

Ni-Ti Springs - Open Coil ( Compression)

Cuspid Rectraction The open - coil span is placed between the upper centrals and cuspids. A crimpable stop can be used for cuspid retraction. Distalizing Molars / Anterior Unraveling. The Compression spring is placed mesial to the first molar and a crimpable stop is set to activate the spring.

Vector Tas

VectorTAS provides clinicians with a fast, effective means to treat a full range of orthodontic cases without compensating for the inadvertent reciprocal movement of adjacent teeth. Designed by orthodontists specifically for orthodontic use, VectorTAS is a coordinated system of miniscrews, attachments and instruments that provide clinicians with all the benefits of temporary anchorage: - Reduced anchorage demand for more control - Surgery cases treated without surgery - No headgear and reduced reliance on patient compliance - Reduced treatment time - Greater patient comfort

Zoo Pack Elastics

- High - quality surgical latex - Consistent force pull - Force ratings based on elastic being extended three times listed diameter - Zoo packs contain 50 bags of 100

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