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Lingual Arch Forming Pliers

This heavy-duty plier features precision-ground grooves to securely grip .030” (.76 mm) and .036” (.91 mm) lingual arch wires, up to .036” (.91 mm). Perfect for forming back bends and easy for consistent insertion into lingual sheaths. 803-0327

Damon Copper Ni - Ti

All Damon Copper Ni-Ti cross-sections come with archwire stops, pre-loaded, for your convenience. Stops are easily crimped with arch-bending, How or Weingart pliers.

Optical Pliers Ormco

This is the ideal forming pliers for forming helical closing loops and arch adjustments on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). The concave beak provides precise configuration to keep the wire in place. 803-0204

Ligature Tying Pliers, Coon Style Ormco

The channel automatically locks wire ends as the tips spread with no wrapping required. Perfect pliers for tying stainless steel ligature wires up to .015”(.38 mm). 803-0149

Force Module Separating Pliers

These pliers are designed with angled breaks to facilitate easier placement of elastic separators. The barrel-shaped tip prevents any slippage of the module to accommodate both anterior and posterior separators. 803-0145

Copper Ni-Ti

Ormco introduced Copper NiTi wire over twenty years ago and has become world renowned for producing quality and consistency in our wires.Ormco’s most popular wire features a unique combination of alloys and processing that provides clinicians with a low hysteresis wire. The addition of copper to traditional nickel-tatnium enhances the thermal reactive properties and consistency of forces. This allows for easy engagement and consistent, light unloading forces. Available in a variety of archforms.

Titanium Buccal Tubes

Titanium Buccal tubes combine the shock absorbency and adhesive affinity of titanium with an innovative design that makes bonding easy and more reliable.

Arch Bending Pliers Ormco

A light wire arch bending plier designed for placing first, second and third order bends. 050” (1.28 mm) blade width, on wires up to .022” x .025” (.53 mm x .64 mm). 803-0125

Hollow Chop Contouring Pliers Ormco

The ideal plier for perfect subtle contouring of arch wires up to .030” (.76 mm). 803-0122

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