SnapLink Buccal Tubes

Tie Less. Control More. Whether you treat with conventional twins or self-ligating brackets, the SnapLink re-convertible tube helps you gain more control and treat patients more efficiently. Each tie-less, low-friction SnapLink tube makes wire changes and posterior tooth movement snap. As a result, patients will experience shorter appointments and more comfortable treatments.

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Eliminate the Ties That Bind for the Ultimate in Efficiency and Comfort!

When it's time to engage second molars, clinicians universally understand the inconvenience of convertible buccal tubes. They often require frequent tying of ligatures — or even downsizing to a smaller wire. That can be labor intensive and mean longer appointments. Meanwhile, the loss of a traditional four-walled tube creates binding and friction in the posterior region, which can result in less efficient tooth movement and extended treatment time.

But the tie-less, low-friction SnapLink tube makes wire changes and posterior tooth movement a snap. SnapLink provides the exact functionality of a traditional four-walled tube without any unwanted friction or binding. With SnapLink, it's easy to engage second molars, even when making compensating archwire bends or loops. And placement of auxiliaries like wire-to-wire Class II appliances can be performed without removing wires.

That means shorter appointments for you and faster, more comfortable treatment for your patients.

Convert and re-convert for more effective treatment.

Convert and re-convert for more effective treatment.

  • Dual functionality allows you to convert the tube to easily engage second molars with either round or rectangular archwires, or place auxiliaries while maintaining your patient's natural wire sequence. Convert and reclose as often as needed!

Improve sliding mechanics and gain greater control.

  • Tie-less tube reduces friction for smoother sliding mechanics.
  • Four solid walls provide the control of a standard tube for faster, more predictable posterior tooth movement.

Decrease chair time with faster wire changes.

  • Tie-less tube saves valuable chair time by eliminating the arduous task of tying and retying ligatures.
  • Chamfered mesial slot opening enables easy wire engagement and removal even when the slide is closed.

Provide maximum comfort to your patients.

  • Innovative slide design requires only a slight twist to open, transferring reciprocal forces to the tube — not the tooth — for greater patient comfort.
  • Low profile with rounded corners and angled high-retention hook minimize occlusal interference.

Increase bond reliability.

  • Contoured base with 80-gauge mesh pads eliminate "rocking" for more reliable bond retention.

Opening and Closing Has Never Been Easier!

With the dual-sided SnapLink Opening/Closing Instrument, wire appointments are more efficient than ever.

Easy to Open!

Easy to Open!

Simply insert the flat end of the opening instrument into the slide release cavity and twist 90°. The tube, not the patient's tooth, absorbs the forces.

Easy to Close!

Easy to Close!

Position the grooved tines of the instrument on either side of the slot and engage the archwire. Gently squeeze the opposing prong of the instrument and listen for the audible click to confirm the slide is closed.

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