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SleeperOne is an electronic pen to perform more efficiently and comfortably your standard anesthesias.

Detail & Product.

Comfort and precision

SleeperOne is very light (71gr) which allows a pen grip very close to the needle. You work with support points to find the same accuracy as with your turbine.

This comfort and extra precision bring you benefits for all your anesthesia.

Your intraligamentaries or intraseptals are performed easily without needle twisting,without any loss of time !

Your nerve block are better mastered.

Your palatal and attached mucosaanesthesias are painless as you can control theneedle penetration depth into the superficial tissue layerswith a perfectly controlled injection speed

Electronic control for greater comfort

Unlike manual or ratchet syringesyour anesthesias are made without effort ormuscle pain.

With 4 injection speeds adapted to all situations, SleeperOne ensures your patients a pain less injection at any time of the day.

The injection pressure is constantly monitored to reduce postoperative pain (arthritis ...)

SleeperOne has been used for many years in faculties.

The benefits of SleeperOne

SleeperOne handles like a pen.Your fingers areclose to the needle and you can use real support pointsYou've never been thatprecise and comfortable in anesthesia!

Pen grip + electrnoic injection + lightness! You have no muscular effort to achieve.
Like manypractitioners who could notmanipulate theirsyringe or ratchet anymore, find happiness to achieve perfectanesthesia without pain.

Warranty 2yrs

SleeperOne is designed andassembled in France with quality components and many controls.SleeperOne is guaranteed for 2years, parts and labor


Praised by the facultiesinpediatric dentistry andendodonticsSleeperOne is regularlypublished.

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