Blugloo™ Two-Way Color Change Adhesive for aesthetic brackets Blugloo™ is the first and only adhesive that provides color contrast when you need it and is clear when you don’t. Bracket placement and cleanup have never been easier.

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Color on demand

The color contrast of Blugloo during bonding facilitates fast, accurate bracket placement and makes it easy to remove unwanted flash. As Blugloo warms to body temperature, the color virtually disappears, remaining clear throughout treatment. When debonding, simply introduce a short blast of cool air or water to lower the bonding surface temperature, and Bl ¯ugloo turns blue again for easy and thorough cleanup.

Formulated for aesthetic brackets

Blugloo has a unique chemical affinity for today’s high-tech composite brackets such as Damon™ 3, ensuring reliable bond strengths in even the most challenging cases. Blugloo’s advanced formulation and color stability are also exceptional for use with Inspire ICE™ and other ceramic brackets.

Superb handling characteristics

Blugloo is formulated with an ideal combination of hybrid filler materials to provide superb handling characteristics.* Bracket drift is virtually eliminated and excess adhesive is removed easily.

Generous working time

Blugloo’s chemical properties allow for generous working time under operatory lighting, providing the right amount of time to place and position brackets, remove flash, and begin light curing.


Blugloo has a very broad application—its color and chemistry have been optimized for aesthetic brackets, plus it’s excellent for bonding metal brackets. For added convenience, Blugloo is packaged in syringe and Unidose™ kits.

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